11 beauty ideas to practice self-care at home


In light of recent events regarding the coronavirus (a.k.a., COVID-19), many of you are at home and adjusting to your new routine, which includes social distancing, self-quarantine, and possibly working from home. We’re all looking for distractions or projects to occupy our time and mind, and to pump up our spirits. One great way to do that is to turn your attention to a little beauty self-care.

As Reviewed’s resident beauty expert, I spend a lot of time trying new products, organizing my stash, and looking for new, fun ways I can enhance my routine. To help you do the same, I put together a list of beauty products and projects—many of which don’t require you to spend much, if anything at all—that you can try for yourself. Because even in tough times, it helps to do something that makes you look and feel better.

1. Create a personalized face mask

If you’ve spent the bulk of your isolation time in the kitchen cheffing up meals or showering your family with baked goods, we’ve got the perfect beauty task for you. There are plenty of recipes for easy DIY facials available online—whether they do what they claim or not, there’s no harm in zoning out with a blend of honey, oats, and avocado on your face. Search for recipes using whatever ingredients you have lying around and you’re bound to find some hits.

Not much for experimentation? You can always buy a sheet mask to hydrate your skin or snag a clay mask to “detoxify” it. The much-loved Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask comes as a powder and requires you to mix it with water or apple cider vinegar before spreading it over your face, so you still get that hands-on experience.

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