10 TikTok fashion trends that are actually worth the hype


TikTok seems to know exactly what we want before we even know it ourselves. If you are anything like us, devoting 50% of your spare time to internet shopping and the other 50% spent endlessly scrolling TikTok, then the app’s algorithm has got to know you unnervingly well. Your FYP will no doubt be littered with the best (and worst) viral fashion trends that the app has to offer.

TikTok launched three years ago but, thanks to a little thing called the pandemic, saw a serious uptick in users (there’s now over one billion!!) during 2021. No wonder the Gen Z-favourite platform is able to influence our shopping habits.

The app’s all-knowing algo has given everybody, not just the big bloggers and celebs with hundreds of thousands of followers, a safe place on the FYP to contribute their genuine product recommendations. Not only that, but smaller, independent brands have been able to harness the app’s viral capabilities, allowing their reach to grow to new heights. Is this fashion democracy? We think so.

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