You’ve Never Seen Outdoor Furniture Like This


Since its founding a decade ago, Kammok has made a mission of designing new ways to sleep outside. That approach has always focused on the hammock — its Pongo sleeping pad’s unique shape fits inside one, and its Sunda tent is one — even as it broadened its scope to make items like camping quilts and backpacks. The brand has also focused primarily on outdoor adventure, but its latest product, the Baya, brings hammocking back to the backyard in a novel way that looks way more fun than traditional patio furniture.

The Baya is a hammock stand, but it’s unlike any you’ve seen before. It doesn’t hold one hammock; it cradles three. The structure changes what might typically be a nap spot to something social. The Baya further reinforces group use with modular add-ons that include a tabletop and umbrella, plus integration with Yeti’s Tank 85 Ice Bucket. (These items and the hammocks themselves — Kammock recommends its Roo Double — are all sold separately.) So while the Baya is similar to the outdoor furniture you already own, it’s more like an arts festival installation than your standard table and chairs.

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