Winter Outfit Ideas That Are So Stylish, You Won’t Even Mind the Weather


Don’t worry—these looks will keep you warm, too.

Here’s a hot take: Winter is cute in theory, but not so much IRL. Of course twinkling lights and snow flurries are great, but let’s not forget the below-zero temperatures and slippery ice. Few things are more unbearable than dressing for a frigid winter morning, and it’s easy to slip into the same pieces you’ve been wearing all season long: black sweater, black jeans, black boots, and a parka. I get it—when it’s freezing out, fashion tends to get thrown out the door in favor of warmth. But I’m here to prove that you can still look stylish even when the temperature hits below zero. Below are some outfit ideas that will give you serious cold-weather inspo.

1 Aprés Ski: Neutral Edition

There’s no avoiding layers when you’re trying to stay warm, but one perk of winter dressing is the different textures you can play around with. Start with a Fair Isle turtleneck in neutral tones to avoid looking too “holidayish” and build from there. Next layer is the two-tone pant and jacket—this is a great “hanging in the lodge” look. Finally, when you step outside, throw on this faux leather puffer. Accessory-wise, keeping with the winter theme, add a fun shearling bag, rubber puddle boots, knit socks, and gold hoops.

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