What Is Persuasive Technology? 7 Ways It Is Changing Your Life


Most of the devices around you and the tools you use are built on persuasive technology. With the right knowledge, you can easily tell if you’re using the tool or if it is using you.

Persuasive technology works on your predetermined behavior for different situations and can help you with your health and maintain an independent life. On the other side, it can also be dangerous, exploit you, and take advantage of your time and attention.

So, what is persuasive technology, and how can it change your life?

What Is Persuasive Technology?
Persuasive technology typically refers to tech built with the power to change your attitude or behavior and motivate you to do something you wouldn’t deliberately do otherwise. Mostly, it’s used for sales, politics, training, management, public health, and so on.

How Persuasive Technology Works
Technology is evolving with light speed, yet, the way our brain functions is still more or less the same as it has been for centuries. The experts behind this type of technology study our reactions to different situations, determine what people like us do, what triggers influence us, and then create algorithms based on that.

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