What Does It Mean If You Dream About Dying?


Fear not! Dreaming of a death or of dying doesn’t have to be literal, and it doesn’t mean you or a loved one will die! Trust me: My name is Valeria Ruelas, and I’m a bruja.

Dreams are complex and symbolic, and so it is important to identify the type of dreams you have before you get into the meaning. If you have a dream that seems significant to you, it’s important to sit with your intuitive feelings and thoughts after you wake up. You might consider keeping a dream journal and spending each morning reflecting on the meaning of your dreams. But if you wake up and think, “Hey, that was silly,” then no need to try to interpret your dream—sometimes they really are just pointless!

There are a few types of dreams you might have: Prophetic dreams, which predict the future; dreams about anxieties, which are a signal to work on managing your worries; pointless dreams, which just seem random; and dreams from your spirit guides, which may be instruction-heavy or have a moral lesson.

Now let’s get specific: If you dream about dying, what exactly does it mean?

What does it mean if I dream about myself dying?

Don’t worry: This doesn’t mean you’re going to die! To get more info, look at the way you die in your dream. If you die a violent death, then that means you should be careful and watch out for recklessness, immediate dangers, and enemies. If you have a peaceful death, look at the dream as a symbol of moving on, graduating, changing, or spiritual awakening. A dream about dying may also mean that you need to make an effort to forget a person or experience; you need to move on from something. Finally, like these dreams can sometimes have to do with trauma.

What does it mean if I dream about a family member or loved one dying?

This is one of those dreams I encourage people to ignore! However, it can also be an encouragement to leave your home, your city, or your comfort zone. Think about what’s been on your mind lately and if your dream relates.

Like dreaming about a loved one dying, this dream may be also about sadness or feelings of abandonment. However, personally I would schedule a check-up with the vet, just in case!

This type of dream could mean that you are supposed to figure something out from the clues. I would pay extra close attention to what is said in dialogue in these dreams, as they can be instructive about how you should live your life and what decisions you should make.

Usually, dreaming about dying simply means that you are a worrier. It also could mean you’re not getting enough rest. It does *not* mean that you are doomed!

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