What Did International Game Technology’s


Marco Sala has been the CEO of International Game Technology PLC (NYSE:IGT) since 2015, and this article will examine the executive’s compensation with respect to the overall performance of the company. This analysis will also evaluate the appropriateness of CEO compensation when taking into account the earnings and shareholder returns of the company.

Our data indicates that International Game Technology PLC has a market capitalization of US$3.1b, and total annual CEO compensation was reported as US$6.6m for the year to December 2019. That’s a notable decrease of 66% on last year. While we always look at total compensation first, our analysis shows that the salary component is less, at US$1.3m.

On comparing similar companies from the same industry with market caps ranging from US$2.0b to US$6.4b, we found that the median CEO total compensation was US$6.2m. From this we gather that Marco Sala is paid around the median for CEOs in the industry. Moreover, Marco Sala also holds US$17m worth of International Game Technology stock directly under their own name, which reveals to us that they have a significant personal stake in the company.