Welcome to the Future of Furniture Models


To combat the climate crisis, global industries are innovating new methods to reduce their carbon footprints and eliminate waste. For CGI Furniture, developing high-fidelity 3D product models for international clients is part of an effort to curtail the environmental impact of modern production with a more affordable and efficient design-to-retail process.

An early adopter of virtual prototypes for retail marketing, CGI Furniture specializes in high-end, photoreal 3D renders of product models for clients spanning retail industries, with recent projects including ergonomic economy seating for Zephyr Aerospace, sustainable décor for van de Sant, and luxury watch designs for Julien de Bourg.

Revamping traditional product merchandising and production with a virtual pipeline affords a range of benefits for CGI Furniture clientele. High-quality 3D product models are more cost-effective and faster to produce than manufacturing a physical prototype, requiring less resources for creation and limited physical space or room for storage. Versatility enables 3D renders to be showcased in any virtual room, lighting condition or environment, with the ability to change product fabrics and materials on the fly. Using 3D product models, retailers are able to react to consumer trends and demands with more immediacy, and test new prototypes without losing any time-to-market if products fail to sell.

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