This Skeleton Makeup Transformation Is Jaw-Dropping


Here’s some good news: we’ve got a fresh new episode of Cosmo Queens for ya! In this series, we’ve been known to recruit some hella talented queens to show off how they put together their most creative makeup looks. No joke, it’s sooo satisfying to watch the detailed process behind some of those striking finished faces.

For this week’s *captivating* makeup tutorial we were joined by Melee the Queen! Melee opted to prepare a super cool skeleton-inspired look, but don’t get it twisted, she wasn’t working with your typical Halloween face paint. She incorporated bold, bright eyeshadow colors all over her face and used some v impressive butterfly wings. She basically figured out the perfect way to bring spooky vibes into the springtime.

She topped off the look off with some icy sky blue contacts, and a platinum blonde wig decked out with even more butterfly details. Absolutely 🔥.

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