This 4-Day Facial Is The Secret To Celebs Glowing Red Carpet Skin


Tapped to Sculpt the cheekbones of women like Adria Arjona, Laura Harrier, and Brie Larson, celebrity facialist Iván Pol’s multilayer facial “The Beauty Sandwich” is so famous that the moniker is arguably better known than his own name. The buzzy hour-long session involves a series (or “sandwich”)of high-tech treatments: monopolar radio frequency to firm skin; blue light to reduce acne and sun damage; and a combination of bipolar radio frequency and infrared light to lift skin’s appearance. He also uses his own tightening serum, which launches this month. Now Pol has one-upped himself with a new over-the-top offering: the four-day facial.

Lest you think you must pencil in 96 hours to lie prone on a facialist’s table (though, in our touch-starved reality, this actually sounds appealing), Pol schedules consecutive 30- to 45-minute treatments over four days. Sticking with food metaphors, he calls the tiered treatment “The Wedding Cake.”

“When you treat skin over four days instead of one, the heat builds, and the instant results are much more dramatic,” says Pol, who splits his time between Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. Like the Beauty Sandwich, the treatment is non-invasive and calls for little downtime.

“I settled on the four-day [facial] to prep for the Giorgio Armani campaign,” says Arjona, the face of the brand’s My Way fragrance. The campaign, shot pre-pandemic, was released totally unretouched. “My skin looked like I had slept, when honestly, that was the last thing I was doing,” she says, adding that the shoot was a whirlwind of travel to Japan, Spain, and Thailand.

Perhaps you’re dreaming of luminous skin for your wedding day or lifted brows for a post-pandemic gala. If so, here’s what you can expect: On day one, Pol uses sublative radio frequency, which causes micro healing that reduces the appearance of pores; improves tone and texture; and resurfaces, plumps, and freshens skin. Day two is all monopolar radio frequency. “Instead of getting 15 minutes of that one layer when you’re doing the Sandwich, you’re getting a whole 40 minutes,” Pol says, noting that it feels like a warm stone massage. On day three, Pol applies a combination of bipolar radio frequency and infrared light. The former boosts collagen production, while the latter penetrates deep into the muscles to define and sculpt. It also feels very cooling, Pol says. Day four wraps with a combo of monopolar radio frequency, bipolar radiofrequency, and infrared light—his “tour de force.” Ultimately, the sculpting looks natural because nothing is overfilled or frozen. “[It]doesn’t restructure your face,” Arjona says. “It just puts everything back to where it’s supposed to be.”

Check out a video of the whole experience from Pol’s Instagram below.

This article originally appeared in the May 2021 issue of ELLE Magazine.

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