These Fridge Organization Bins & Storage Tips Will Transform Your Kitchen


Two of the biggest challenges when it comes to refrigerator organization are access to what you need and consistent restocking. It’s crucial to find fridge organization bins that neatly organize your refrigerator and make it easy for all the members of your household to see exactly what’s inside (because we’ve all forgotten about those leftovers from who knows when).

In order to prevent food waste and make the best use of our favorite kitchen machines, we’ve tapped five organization experts for their secrets on turning an unorganized fridge into a food-lovers paradise. Below, we’ve compiled ten organizer-approved fridge organization bins and food storage tips so that you can get your groceries under control. And if you struggle with your dry goods, head over to our pantry organization tips for more on that!

1. Clear out and categorized

The first step to organize your fridge is clearing out all your fridge bins and categorizing by product type. By emptying out your crisper and storage shelves, you’re able to see exactly what products you already have, what products have expired, and quickly give your fridge a wipe down for any residue that may be lying around. Then, Jessica Litman, CEO and founder of the Organized Mama, recommends categorizing your food items by fruits, veggies, condiments, etc. for a visual of which categories require the most space in your fridge.

2. Double down on drawer dividers

If your fridge already has drawer space, Ashley Murphy, cofounder of NEAT Method, recommends using drawer dividers to keep your fridge drawers neat and tidy. “Expandable drawer dividers will keep items separated within your drawers,” she explains. “This will prevent things from getting all jumped up and sliding all over the place.”

3. Maximize shelf space with stackable drawers

If you have limited shelf space, the most effective way to double your storage is by adding acrylic or clear plastic stackable drawers, Jessica says. They’re great because you can see exactly what’s inside them and easily pull out what you need, they can be stacked, can fit almost any item in your fridge, and are dishwasher safe. Pro tip: Measure the width of your shelves before purchasing drawer organizers to ensure that you can get the most out of the space.

4. Utilize a can organizer

Containing your cans is an easy way to give your fridge a more uniform look and make grab-and-go drinks more accessible. Lisa Zaslow, home organization expert and founder of Gotham Organizers, recommends can organizers that allow you to place products or stackable drawers on top. That way you’re maximizing all your space and containing your cans.

5. Invest in produce-saving products

Keeping produce fresh can be one of the biggest challenges inside your fridge. Lisa advises utilizing produce-savers to extend the life of produce and herbs. According to Lisa, they “reduce the ethylene gas which contributes to spoilage, they maintain airflow around food, and have vents to ensure proper humidity.”

6. Keep condiments together

When your fridge or kitchen cabinets are disorganized, it can be challenging to find the specific condiment you’re looking for when in a rush. If you have side shelves in your fridge, Jen Martin, founder of Reset Your Nest, recommends placing them there. If not, she recommends using a lazy Susan or narrow acrylic container to keep all of your condiments together.

7. Pour beverages into matching dispensers

Instead of keeping milk and juices in their bulky packaging, pour your favorite beverages into glass dispensers to create a more uniform and aesthetic look. But, make sure to label with the expiration date, Lisa says, to avoid drinking expired beverages.

8. No more mismatched containers

Tupperware can be a sore subject. Whether it’s mismatched lids, a stained interior, or their clunkiness, it can be challenging to find a storage solution that gets you excited about leftovers. That’s why Jen recommends replacing your mismatched or damaged containers with a food safe, fresh, and uniform set that will easily stack and look nice in your fridge.

9. Put your eggs on display

Eggs tend to be one of the most frequently used ingredients in our refrigerator. To avoid running out of eggs, Ashley recommends placing them in an egg holder. “Take your eggs out of the container,” she says, “this will create a uniform look and help keep track of when you are running low.”

10. Label, label, label

Jessica Haizman, a viral organization expert on TikTok, recommends labeling food storage containers in your fridge with dry erase markers, labels, or washi tape. Labeling is key to “ensure you use products before they expire, you’ll want to mark the expiration date,” Jessica says. Plus, it will make it easier for you to identify what is in each storage bin.

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