These easy beauty tips are great for your hair, your skin and your bills


Take care of your skin, hair, and teeth with these brilliant beauty tips. Not only will you look and feel better, you’ll reduce the energy you use and lower your expenses, with thanks to your smart meter

Where would we be without all the beauty gadgets that help us to look and feel our best? We just couldn’t live without them! But did you know that while these little grooming gadgets and beauty tools can transform you from Bedhead to Babe, they can also be a drain on your energy bills?

Check out some of our best beauty hacks below that will keep you looking pretty while saving you pennies!


Sometimes we think that hairdryers might be the best thing ever invented, the way they can turn our messy mop into a fabulous mane. But they’re also one of the biggest energy users out of our beauty tools. Thankfully, some simple changes to how you use them can make all the difference.

The action of heating up the hair is what eats up all that energy, so next time, why not use a cooler setting? Not only will your bills thank you, but your hair will also feel healthier when it’s not frazzled every day!

When it’s time to buy a new one, look into getting a low wattage hairdryer – it’ll give you the same results when you look in the mirror, but you’ll definitely notice a difference in your outgoing costs.

And every so often, leave your hairdryer tucked away and just let your hair dry naturally. Not only can you get adventurous with your styles, but the break from the heat will make your hair feel softer and look shinier too!