These Are the Only Facial Wax Strips


Not one for a bunch of muss and fuss, I generally like to keep my hair-removal process as streamlined as possible. A sturdy pair of tweezers or my trusty razor and bar soap are usually all I need to get the job done. But when it comes to getting rid of my recurring collection of chin hairs for good (or at least a month), few at-home tools can compete with the satisfying smoothness of my skin after using Glee’s Face Wax Strips.

Aside from scheduling the occasional eyebrow wax, I’ve never been brave enough to test the hair-removal waters on any other part of my body since I’m the type of person who needs to find their center before enduring the sting of a professional wax. Is anyone ever really excited to rip hair off their face? Still, I was fed up with how quickly my chin hairs sprouted after being razed off and was willing to risk pain for the prospect of a baby-smooth chin that might last longer than a week. So for this year’s SELF Healthy Beauty Awards, I tested Glee’s facial wax strips, which come in cheery pink-and-white packaging.

One of my favorite aspects of the Glee strips is how easy they are to use, even for a newbie home-waxer like me. Each box contains 24 facial wax strips for the actual hair removal, and as a fun bonus, 12 finishing wipes to clean and soothe any sticky residual wax. The wax itself has notes of raspberry, though the scent isn’t too overpowering for sensitive noses. The strips are basically ready to go straight from the box. I like to smooth them over my chin a couple of times with my fingers in the direction that my hair grows to make sure any annoying hairs are snatched up in one fell swoop.

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