These are the best beauty tips from a dermatologist


As we age, the desire to maintain a proper beauty routine becomes greater, since thanks to it we can prevent the skin from wrinkling with age or even with different factors such as climate and products that can damage it. Therefore, we have decided to consult an expert dermatologist to guide us on this beautiful path to adopt new habits to help us improve our skin health.

As we mentioned before, many different factors can damage the skin, such as; the sun, makeup, poor hygiene, contamination, bad nutrition, among others. However, Dr. Andrés Sotelo has some beauty tips for us to change bad habits and have healthy skin.

A dermatologist is an expert that has seen a lot of different kinds of skin, therefore he knows how to treat them and keep them beautiful. Some tips include:

1.- The sun is the worst enemy of the skin. Therefore, you should use sunscreen daily (F50 UVA/UVB at least).

2.- Daily hygiene is basic, use products that do not damage the hydrolipidic layer of your skin, so as not to dehydrate it.

3.- Use supplements such as Vitamin E and Aloe, to keep your skin hydrated.

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