These are the 10 most popular lockdown interior design trends


From minimal line art to luxurious living walls…

With all of us spending a lot more time at home, focus has inevitably turned to creating the stylish haven we’ve always dreamed. And now, a Google trends data study has revealed the most popular interior design trends we’ve been lusting after during lockdown.

The research carried out by Hotel Follower has analysed the most Googled interior trends from 20 March through to June, as well as those trends which have shown the largest increase in search popularity during lockdown compared to earlier this year.

The interior trend with the highest search volume is line art – it’s not surprising that people have been looking to jazz up their walls while being at home for longer periods of time and this cool trend is seen on in the homes of many an interiors influencer.

Meanwhile, the trend which has shown the greatest increase in search volume during lockdown is rattan furniture, with searches increasing a whopping 809% during lockdown compared to the start of March. This is likely a combination of people who are looking to enjoy their gardens during lockdown alongside those investing in the trend of rattan furniture indoors.

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