The Top 4 Eyebrow Trends of 2020, Because Eyes are Everything Right Now


If you’re anything like us, then eyebrows have always been high on your beauty priority list. And now, since brows are one of the few parts of our face that show while wearing a mask, they’re even more important. All the more reason to make sure yours are on-point right? No matter what look you’re going for, the professionals at European Wax Center can get you sorted out safely and stylishly. So, whether you’re looking to frame your gorgeous eyes or make a statement with bold brows, here are the four eyebrow trends to know this year.

Natural brows have dominated in recent years, but we’re noticing a shift toward thinner, more manicured brows. Don’t worry: These are nothing like the pencil-thin, over-plucked brows of our younger years. Instead, this trend maintains the natural shape of brows and calls for a simple clean up and a little filling in with a pencil or gel that matches the shade of your hair.

A simple trend to recreate, the windswept brow look simply requires that you brush your brows at a diagonal, toward your temple, instead of up. The technique highlights the natural arch of your brows (which can be further augmented with some artfully placed highlighter) and looks soft, full and natural. Apply some clear brow gel to lock everything in place and you’re good to go.

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