The Internet-Famous ‘Nap Dress’ Just Received a Fall Update


Apologies to stiff jeans, shirts with a million buttons, and anything that needs ironing before wearing, but it’s possible they’ll all be staying in our closets for a little longer.

It’s not that we don’t love you (we do!), but we just enjoy being comfy while we continue to stay home — and are super excited for Hill House Home’s new Nap Dress offerings.

In case you need to do some catching up, the Nap Dress is one of those items that went viral over the past few months, being worn by influencers and editors alike. It’s just as comfy and chill as a sweatsuit, but playful and somewhat fancy at the same time (although not quite as red-carpet-ready as the sparkly Strawberry Dress).

The breezy style would obviously still fly at a restaurant or for outdoor activities, but if you want to feel like your old, fashion-loving self simply while watching TV? It’s pretty perfect for that, too.

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The new drop includes updates to two previous Nap Dress options, the Ellie ($125; and the Caroline ($100;, as well as two additional styles, the Nesli ($125; and the Sabrina ($150; The main difference between these designs is the details, such as sleeve and necklines, but they’re all are available in multiple prints and colors.

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