‘The Braid Up’: How to Create These Feed-In Stitch Braids


Looking for a fun protective hairstyle that’ll be good-to-go in, like, under an hour? Stitch braids are it. There are so many versatile ways to pull them off and their intricate patterns set them apart from your standard braided look. For this week’s edition of The Braid Up, we’re joined by New-York based stylist Chassity Morales to bring these epic stitch braids to life. Peep the video above and you’ll see how Chassity creates four original braids that gradually feed into two. Impressive, right?

Here’s everything you’ll need to know before you recreate this look:

1. Add in some extra braiding hair. Not only will this give the finished product a fuller look, but it’ll also make the style pop if you feed in some different colored hair. For the style in this video, Chassity uses a deep-red tone to add some variety.

2. Get precise with the parting. Since this style calls for four separate braids, use a proper rat-tail comb to section off your hair. Make sure you’re creating portions with even amounts of hair so the final two braids don’t end up looking lopsided.

3. Dip! Your! Ends! For a clean finish, and to make sure your braids don’t unravel prematurely, utilize some hot water. Dip the ends of your braids in a bowl of water, pat them down gently with a towel, and blow-dry.

4. Make ’em last with scalp care. While maintaining this style, it’s super important to keep your scalp moisturized. Massage some castor oil or peppermint oil in between your braids once a day to prevent any dryness. Also, pls make sure you’re going to bed protected! Wrap your hair with a satin hair scarf before getting your beauty sleep.

Hair: Chassity Morales

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