The Bed Scrunchie Fixed My Chronically Loose Fitted Sheets


For some people, it’s the feeling of cotton balls, for others it’s biting into cold ice cream. For me, it’s a loose fitted sheet. There’s something so repulsive about sliding into bed after a long day only to be met with the creased tangle and sag of a fitted sheet that has inched its way up the side of the mattress. The fabric bunches under your back and by your feet, and readjusting it only serves to dislodge the sheet more. A fitted sheet should cling to the bed tight like a drum and stay that way, and for whatever reason, mine never seems to cooperate.

I’ve tried out sheets with different pocket depths and matching dimensions to my mattress to no avail, leaving me to assume that it’s a combination of myself and the mattress that’s to blame. Since I can’t replace myself, and I don’t want to buy a new mattress, I sought out other solutions—that’s how I found the Bed Scrunchie.

The Bed Scrunchie is not the only fitted sheet strap on the market, but after browsing reviews, it seemed to be the most promising. I tried it over the course of several weeks on my saggy sheets, and here’s what I determined.

The Bed Scrunchie is a large elastic band that comes with an assortment of clips for holding the fitted sheet (it’s technically more of a bed girdle than a scrunchie IMO). At first I was a bit confused by the design, but once I figured it out (and read the instructions) it was very straightforward. First you lay the fitted sheet opening-side up on your bed. Next, position the elastic ring in the center (the elastic was pretty twisted up fresh out of the box; you can try and untwist it, but I found that the scrunchie still works regardless). Attach the clips along the fitted sheet’s elastic edge, positioning them 12 inches away from the corner seams—there should be 8 clips in total. Then attach the clips to the scrunchie. Don’t worry too much about placement as they will slide around on the scrunchie to even themselves out. Once that’s done, put the fitted sheet on like you normally would, and make sure the scrunchie is completely underneath the mattress. To finish it off, tighten the drawstring at the bottom of the scrunchie to secure it in place. All in all, it maybe took three minutes max, and I got faster after the first time.

I was cautiously optimistic after getting the scrunchie on the first time. None of the clips unclipped right away, and the fitted sheet seemed fitted. But the true test was whether the Bed Scrunchie could withstand several nights of my apparently destructive slumber. So far it’s been a month, and I have yet to encounter any problems with my fitted sheets coming loose. I’ve also tested out the Bed Scrunchie claims that it can adapt fitted sheets that are a size too big and even convert top sheets into fitted sheets. The results of both were a bit less crisp looking, but both the queen size fitted sheet and flat sheet remained taut on my mattress.

If it isn’t clear already, the Bed Scrunchie will forever be a part of my life. Blessed are the people who do not fixate on small nuisances, for they are full of bliss and need not fret over saggy fitted sheets. However, I know myself well enough to realize that I will not find peace if my bed ensnares me like a vengeful sheet ghost each night. For any poor souls who wrestle with unfitted sheets on a regular basis, the Bed Scrunchie may be the answer to your prayers.

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