The Affordable Sunglasses Stylish Celebs Wear Just Got Even Cheaper on Amazon


Celebrities have been loyal to Le Specs for years now. The Last Lolitas are probably the most iconic sunglasses of our generation, and you’ll never be able to count the number of celebrities that wore (and still wear) them. They truly look good on everyone, which is kind of a thing with Le Specs sunglasses. They’re trendy but still wearable, and you’re sure to find a pair that suits your face shape.

One of the best things about Le Specs is that they’re high quality yet affordable. And even though celebrities have sizable wardrobe budgets, they still choose Le Specs over designer shades, time and time again. Amazon happens to be a big stockist of Le Specs, and we’re here to report that tons of styles are included in the Prime Day deals. Keep scrolling to shop the best pairs, and see some stylish celebs wearing their favorite Le Specs over the years.

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