The 11 Biggest Beauty Trends to Try This Spring


Over the past year, the global pandemic has had a seismic impact on the way we approach beauty, and the trends that have emerged are a reflection of just that. On the runways, mask-wearing and social-distancing protocols translated to an array of face-covering-minded makeup statements and extra-long quarantine hair—both acknowledging and offering inspiration for the times we are living in. But there were also showings of transportive escapism; the kind that sparks the imagination and encourages bold self-expression as a powerful coping tool. As we look ahead to spring, here are the biggest beauty trends permeating the runways, our screens, and the real world alike.

The Regency-Era Beauty Revival

Designer Simone Rocha can always be relied upon for Jane Austen heroine-worthy beauty. For spring, the British designer put forth lids washed in iridescent gold and soft ringlets topped off with crystal-encrusted period headpieces. The look was an early precursor to the Regency-era revival spurred by Netflix’s Bridgerton with its twinkly and frilly Marie Antoinette–rivaling costumes. Nod to the era with an ornamental hair accessory, wash of rouge, and/or a subtle gilded eye statement.

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