Take Inspiration From Celebrity Homes For Your Interior Decor; Check It Out


elebrities have always been an inspiration to the masses, be it their fashion sense or their diet and fitness plans! Our Bollywood stars have made quite a fortune with their careers, and with this fortune, they have built beautiful homes! Take some interior décor inspiration from these 5 Bollywood celebrities!

This actress’ home has been built with a lot of vintage décors. From funky pillow covers, wall decor, and her blue front door to rustic wooden furniture and her American diner-style kitchen, her home has it all! It is quite the chic abode!

This star has designed her home with classy black and white tones. The combination of a white rug with black furniture exudes a classy modern look. Her house has a massive balcony with large glass walls. She added a bit of brightness by adding potted plants on her balcony.

This beautiful actress’ home is inspired by one of her favorite cities. She designed her home to look like the enchanting city of Paris. The house has quite a lot of white elements mixed in with pinks. She also has put in some rugs with artworks that only enhance the chic Parisian feeling!

This actor’s home has some of the most rustic features. Wooden furniture mixed in with white-washed elements. It also has quite a few vintage décors with colorful tones! There is also a jhoola in the home that just adds to the coziness of the home!

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