Tabletop industry adjusts to hybrid show plan


This month’s New York Tabletop Show will take place in person and online, but many of those involved expect it to be a mostly virtual event.

Permanent showroom building Forty One Madison is open daily and has been accepting guests since June 22, which is when New York State allowed office space in New York City to reopen, said Forty One Madison Senior Director Kristi Forbes.

But individual showrooms are open by appointment only, and appointments must be made at least one day in advance, Forbes said. All of the typical safety protocols are in place, such as required personal protective equipment, monitored entrances and exits, and the use of electronic, rather than paper badges. The building is also installing a thermo-scanner, which it purchased, for the duration of the show. It scans each person’s temperature as he or she walks through. All of the in-person events that usually take place at the show have been canceled and Forty One Madison will not allow anyone to congregate in its spaces, Forbes said.

Roughly 20 showrooms plan to be open during the show, which will take place Oct. 13-20. A list of those showrooms can be found below.

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