Some cool and exciting beauty tips for your daily routine


Being home doesn’t mean that you can’t get ready or take care of your skin, look at it the other way and utilize it in the best way you can. Some tips that will help you take care of your skin as well as help you in your make-up.

The 1st and foremost import part is to do CTM – cleanser, toner, moisturiser. Always do your CTM on a daily basis to make your skin health and moisturized. Whether you want to apply make-up or not this is the perfect way to prep up your skin.

Natural Makeup
Look Whenever you are home you might not feel like applying a lot of makeup but a basic makeup is never too much. After your CTM to have that natural makeup look you can apply kajal, mascara and any light shade lipstick. This will give you a natural makeup look with just 3 basic products – kajal, mascara and lipstick/ lip balm.

Night Care Routine
Before going to bed always clean your face with a facewash and apply a little bit of the moisturizer to pamper your skin. You can also apply Vitamin C serum onto your skin. This will help your skin to stay healthy for a longer run.

Replace Foundation
Being home can make you lazy enough and you might not feel the need of apply foundation all the time. To have the perfect and light weight base to your skin you can always use a good BB cream. BB cream can be a daily product to be used as a base whenever you don’t feel like applying foundation.