Secret for Major Volume Is a Game-Changer for My Thin Hair


My hair and I have been on quite the journey over the last 27 years. We’ve seen our fair share of bad haircuts and dye jobs that did too much damage. And while thickness was always the goal, I don’t like to do too much with my hair. I’ve stopped using heat styling tools like blow dryers completely and am very wary of “thickening” products because of how easily my thin hair can get greasy and weighed down.

I had just about given up on everything that could possibly give my hair a boost, until one day I learned about Sarah Jessica Parker’s $25 secret to ultra voluminous locks. Parker is hair goals through and through — I mean, have you seen those waves — so if she recommends a hair product, I am very willing to give it a try (even though I am cautious about what I spray on my roots).