Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 leaked hands-on video


Frequent leaker Ben Geskin just posted a quick hands-on video with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.
The device looks great and appears to be a real step-up from the original Galaxy Fold.
The Galaxy Z Fold 2 won’t see a full launch until September.
If you’re excited about the full launch for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, you’ll need to wait about a month for it. However, Ben Geskin just posted a brief hands-on video that shows the device opening and closing. It also gives a good idea of how much bigger the outer display is as compared to the Galaxy Fold.

Unfortunately, the sound-less clip is quite short, and Geskin doesn’t turn the phone around so we can see the back. Regardless, it does give you an idea of what opening and closing the device will be like. From the video, it appears the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is sturdier in this process as compared to the Galaxy Fold. We’ll need to get one ourselves to confirm that, though.

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The outer display also looks so much better on this device than it did on the Galaxy Fold. While it still looks thinner than a “normal” smartphone, it at least doesn’t look tiny.

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