Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra leak just revealed stunning iPhone 12 Pro rival


Good thing you can’t pre-order the iPhone 12 Pro Max yet

Over the weekend we got our first glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S21, the flagship that will lead a swarm of devices for Samsung in 2021. But as is always the case, it’s clear that the S21 will not be coming alone.

OnLeaks, the leaker who revealed the renders of the Galaxy S21, has another treat lined up — our very first look at the ultra-premium Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The camera area is massive, but overall the design looks sleeker than the current Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Based on the renders, both the S21 and S21 Ultra sports a design that will be familiar to anyone that’s seen the S20 or Note 20 ranges. The S21 range appears to feature a rectangular camera array, though the S21 Ultra’s is much larger and almost square-shaped to accommodate the fact it has a fourth camera lens.

The S21 Ultra’s camera also seems to wrap around the handset, much like the S21, though its camera bump is thicker and much more pronounced, so it’s not nearly as sleek as the one on the smaller device. Presumably the larger bump is needed to accommodate extra hardware, and we’ve heard rumors about there possibly being two optical zoom lenses, offering 3x and 10x zoom respectively.

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