Pisces Season Is Here with a Cosmic Time-Out


Nearly a full year into a pandemic, I think I speak for everyone when I say that day-to-day life itself has become exhausting. I need a break. You need a break. We all need a break! Luckily, on February 18, the Sun enters the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces, sending us calm, cool vibes and helping us find compassion and empathy for others. Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, y’all are shining bright for the next month, but mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius might feel like they’re caught in a whirlpool of feels!

Pisces is the zodiac’s only mutable water sign. Mutable signs are flexible, adaptable, and eager to change, and water signs are emotional, intuitive, and deep. Our favorite fishies get a bad rep for being moody, wishy-washy, or just too damn emotional, because they feel all the feels, all the time. Well, the next month is urging everyone to follow Pisces’ example, open up (to others and yourself), and become a more emotionally intelligent person.

With the Sun in Pisces, the most emotionally fluid sign, this next month is an incredible time for romance and creativity. This is one of the most poetic, artistic signs, after all! No matter your own sign, you can use this energy to generate a more romantic love life; create art, poetry, or music; or just get to know your friends and family on much deeper level.

Of course, there’s always a downside, and during Pisces season, you run the risk of letting your heart override your head. Just because you’re overflowing with feelings doesn’t mean that you can’t use your brain, feel me? Try to find a balance between emotions and logic—especially since Mercury is still retrograde!

The transition between ultra-intellectual Aquarius season and overemotional Pisces season is often a tough one, but not this year! With so much astro-weather still happening in Aquarius, we’re being slowly “eased in” to Pisces season, which BTW, ends on March 20. Mercury is still retrograde, but luckily that’s over on February 20. Happy Pisces season!

You’re a very, uh, enthusiastic kind of person, Aries. You’re great at starting new projects and relationships, but following through? Not so much. Well, Pisces season is bringing back aaall those projects and relationships that you never completed. It’s an emotional time, but before you can start any new projects, you gotta cut off those loose ends.

Ready to give your social life a glow-up? All of these gushy, sappy, lovey-dovey emotions you’re feeling are pretty out of character, but you just can’t help but share them with your squad! You’re becoming everyone’s biggest cheerleader, and your crew is gassing you up and supporting you just as much. Have fun!

What are your dreams? What are your biggest goals? What’s your reputation like, and how can you improve it? Pisces season is asking you to shoot for the stars (especially with your career). Use all of this transit’s dreamy, creative, powerful energy to kick ass at work and start chasing new milestones.

You and Pisces are both emotional water signs, so you’re vibing rn. You’re the sign of the crab, so you’re a little more private than ~wild and free~ Pisces, but this month is helping you to come out of your shell! For the next month, your life is becoming one big adventure (yes, even if you can’t physically leave your home).

The eighth house of your chart, which governs intimacy, is being activated right now. And since there are still about a trillion planets in Aquarius, aka your chart’s relationships zone, it’s safe to say that this is a very ‘ship-focused time—particularly with your deepest, most important connections. Translation: Your love life is about to heat up a ton. Expect your emotional connection to your partner (whether it’s the LOYL or just a fling) to become much, much more significant.

Pisces season = cuffing season for your sign, Virgo! Your chart’s relationships zone is being activated, so you’re focusing mostly on your “b” connections—AKA your boo, your bestie, and your business partners. If you want to give your friendships or love life an upgrade, or start something new, now’s the time—just wait til Mercury Retrograde ends on February 20!

Life on the job is your number-one priority this month, Libra. Your schedule is slam-packed with work with basically no breaks. Don’t stress, though! You’re, like, the ultimate people person, so you have no problem teaming up with your coworkers to get sh*t done. As you start to slay at work, you begin to notice that the rest of your life is running more smoothly, too. Is this a fun time? Well, no. But is it an important time? Totally! Just remember that the habits and daily routines (good and bad) you set now will stick around for a long, long time.

Love is in the air! Pisces season is almost always a blast for you, Scorpio, because it activates your chart’s fifth house, which governs romance, sex, and fun. It may be Pisces season, but it feels like you’re the star of the show. Whether you’re looking for a flirtationship, a fling, or a LTR doesn’t matter—now’s the time to give your love life the glow up you want and deserve!

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Pisces season’s watery, moody vibe is raining on your parade, Sag. You’re used to being extroverted, expressive, and always on the go, but this month is all about hitting “pause” and just chilling out. You’re becoming a huge introvert, and your life at home and with your family is becoming your top priority. Take it easy this month, Sagittarius. That way, when the Sun enters like-minded fire sign Aries this spring, you’ll be ready to live it up!

Even though you’re known for being serious and stoic, you really do have a heart, Capricorn. This next month is all about helping you become less of a thinker and more of a feeler. You tend to be more pragmatic than idealistic, but not anymore! Your chart’s zone of communication is being turned on, so you’re connecting with tons of people in a new way. Instead of relating on an intellectual level, you’re learning the importance of emotions, and all of your relationships, old and new, are benefiting.

Even though it’s officially Pisces season, you’re still living it up (after Mercury Retrograde ends, anyway) with all of the cosmic action in your sign. As the weeks go by, though, life begins to slow down and you can get back into your regular-degular daily routine. Take the projects/relationships you initiated during Aquarius season, figure out which ones matter most, and kick everything else to the curb.

Happy birthday!!! It’s your time of year, Pisces, and the world is your oyster. What are your professional aspirations? Relationship goals? Do you have any personal projects that you want to start? Whatever it is you want, go for it. The Sun is only in your sign once a year, after all. It’s the best time to start something, anything new, so get to it!

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