Once relegated to the commercial and hospitality sectors, along with some outdoor, performance fabrics are now a regular on home furnishings in residential settings. Advances in performance, color and pattern, and most importantly, comfort, have elevated these fabrics to a point where interior designers spec them on custom upholstery more often than not, and retailers find that offering performance options, even at an upcharge, is resonating with consumers.

The move toward performance fabrics has been trending for quite some time, but a year of COVID-19, which has pushed us inside with our kids and pets, has accelerated the consumer’s understanding of and desire for fabrics that are washable, spot-cleanable, liquid-resistant and still pleasing to the eye and touch. Enter velvets, textures, even leathers and boucles that not only bring the design, they bring the durability that can outlast spills and wear and tear.

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