Oil Cleansing Is The New Beauty Sensation For That Gorgeously Radiant Face


Oil cleansing has become a raging beauty trend recently. While we all are getting our hands on one or the other beauty regimen, it’s about time we add cleansing oils to our beauty routine. We all have been under the misconception for a long time that oils lead to breakouts and sudden acne but let us tell you that oils are a necessity for the skin and if used in the right way as per your skin type, they can do wonders to your skin. Using a certain combination of oils to cleanse the skin is a great way to remove dirt while keeping the skin moisturised. Moreover, you can even try and use oil-based cleansers if you have a jam-packed schedule. If you are still not sure how to go about it, then fret not, we have a guide for you on the benefits and ways to do oil cleansing at home easily in a few steps.

1. Cleanses dead skin and pores.

2. It keeps the skin moisturised and protects the top layer of the skin, keeping it supple and plump all the time

3. It is the perfect way to remove makeup in the right way, without leaving any debris on the skin.

4. It also helps in getting rid of excess sebum production.

Oil cleansing can help you in moisturising the skin naturally

Make sure to do a patch test before you include it in your daily skincare regimen and choose the oils as per your skin type and concern.

1. First wash your face and then pat it with a dry towel

2. Take half a spoon of olive/jojoba oil (as per your skin type) and castor oil in your hands and mix them well.

3. Apply it on your face skin and gently massage it well.

4. Once you are done massaging, use a cloth and dab away the excess oil and then use a moisturiser afterwards to seal it.

1. Consulting your dermat is the most essential thing to do before you entirely shift to this.

2. Understand your skin texture and then opt for this.

3. One kind of oil might not suit every skin type, hence it is important to know which kind of oil will suit your skin and then use it. Keep a note of oils that do not go with your skin type and avoid them.

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