Natural Beauty Practices from History You Can Still Use


Have you ever wondered who the ancient Egyptian version of Pat McGrath was? The love of beauty has been around since humans have; we once shared beauty tips beneath the shadows of the pyramids and skincare tips outside the temples of Venus.

Different cultures and different times have perfected the art of makeup and style. While some ancient beauty secrets aren’t safe or in style anymore, a lot still are. You’ll find many of these ingredients in beauty products on your shelf today.

Exfoliate with Salt

The ancient Egyptians used salt to exfoliate their skin. Simple, natural, and refreshing. Wherever there is salt, someone has been using it to make their skin softer. Just don’t use it on your face because one thing we know now that we didn’t realize then — micro-tears.

Milk and Honey Face Masks

Lounging around in face masks is a millennia-old practice. The ancient Egyptians used a blend of honey and milk to soften skin and stay wrinkle-free.


The Egyptians were decorating themselves with dye from the Henna plant well before tattoo parlors were ever a thing.

Rice Bran Powder

In ancient Japan, rice bran powder was used as a gentle and inexpensive exfoliator. It’s still used today for the same reason — it’s natural and gentle.

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