Moisturising skincare that delivers is exactly what you need.


According to Google search terms research showing searches for “hydrating skincare” currently +86% vs last year and “dehydrated skin” being searched over 2,900 times a month, it has never been more important to ensure education on what helps boost and keep skin hydrated to target these increasing concerns.

It’s no secret that hyaluronic acid is a real skincare stalwart. We’ve all heard of it, mostly because it’s constantly being praised for its incredible water retention skills – but there’s an ingredient that’s equally as noteworthy and is just as impressive (and yet, for some reason, it doesn’t quite get the same level of attention.) That’s why we’ve decided to give it some of the praise it deserves. The ingredient in question? Glycerin.

“Glycerin, also known as glycerol, is a naturally occurring hydrator found in lipid form,” explains Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, General Medicine Consultant and Expert Aesthetic Physician.

It’s a real hero within CeraVe products but it’s also something that, until now, we’ve probably taken for granted a bit too much.“Glycerin very much acts as the natural moisturising factor of the skin. It’s inexpensive but we rarely hear about it because it is overshadowed by hyaluronic acid,” confirms Dr Ejikeme.

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