Makeup Tips For Monsoon: Get handy with these makeup tips right now to make your makeup water-proof


We all have our own definition of the monsoon. While for some the concoction of drizzling rain and delicious eats worth gorging on are a delight, for others the gloominess is not the vibe they want to jam to. But the season does affect each one of us in some or the other way. From making our wardrobe monsoon-proof to making shifts in your beauty routines, the monsoon can leave us in some sticky situations. And the main stress comes when we need to head out with a full face of makeup, but fret not, these monsoon makeup tips will come to your rescue. You need not revamp your vanity with a bunch of new products entirely. Some twists and tweaks to your daily makeup will make you perfectly monsoon-ready.

Tips To Make Your Makeup Monsoon-Proof

1. Go as minimal as you can with your makeup in monsoons.

2. Matte products are the best way to do it. There might be a mixed opinion on this but matte products give a flattering finish and are great for rainy days.

3. Primers are important when it comes to any makeup look but in monsoon, they become all the more important. A matte finish primer which lightweight formulation is great for this season.

4. Go for cream blush instead of powder ones as it will blend well with your matte finish makeup.

Hack #1 Prep Your Face

You might be a pro but prepping is not just an essential step to keep your makeup in place but also is a way to make sure that your skin is plump and moisturised before you start the makeup. Here’s a quick hack – right after you cleanse your face, rub an ice cube over it for 15 minutes. This simple trick will help you keep the makeup in place for a longer period of time.

Hack #2 Avoid Liquid Formulations

No one wants blotchy foundation on the face and to all your worries, mattifying base or powder is the solution. Once you are done with your base, mattifying powder is perfect to give a finish to your makeup. Opt for a lightweight base and keep it minimal to avoid any cakey situation. Mattifying powder helps in soaking up excess oil from your skin, making it look clear and radiant.

Hack #3 Make Setting Spray Your Go-To

The most basic and essential for every makeup enthusiast, setting sprays are a must every time you put on makeup. Once you are done with your makeup, all you need to do is hold the bottle a few centimetres away from your face and like a mist, spray it on your face. This will make your makeup long lasting.

Hack #4 Waterproof Mascara And Eyeliners Are A Yes

After tons of hours or even days or weeks, you might have managed to find that one best pick of mascara that lengthens, gives a stunning finish and is just perfect but if it is not waterproof, then well say hello to leaking eye makeup in monsoon every time you step out. A waterproof mascara is more than just a need. This will not only save your makeup on rainy days but also give your makeup a beautiful finish.

Hack #5 Invest In Transferproof Soft Matte Lipsticks

It’s time to invest in more of transfer proof matte shades which are lightweight and soft. Go for nude and pink palette for the season. Always apply a balm before applying a matte shade and allow the balm to be absorbed for 15-20 minutes and then apply your lip shade. You can even invest in transfer proof transparent top coats.

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