Make Your Manicure Stand Out With These Gorgeous Nail Colours


No one says no to stunning manicures because all we want are pretty and elegant nails. Pamper yourself at home with amazing manicures and self-care sessions. Whether you love peppy coral shades or you like to keep it subtle with pastel colours, it’s time to indulge in pampering sessions with these nail colours. The right colours or nail art can single-handedly accentuate even the most basic of looks in no time. To get you started on with it, we have curated a list of nail colours that we all need to get right away.

Pamper yourself at home with new manicures everyday with these nail colours in your kit.

This nail colour contains resins with colour lock technology and strengthens nails with a long-lasting nail enamel. It gives a vibrant and elegant look to your nails.

Long-Lasting Nail Colour

This nail colour gives a long-lasting stay which means you don’t have to reapply it after every few days.

These nail colours come in a set of two and contains two monochrome nail colours which is perfect to create new looks every day.

Set Of Two Nail Colours

These two different nail colours allow you to create multiple nail art looks in no time.

This nail colour from Miniso comes in a solid coloured style and strengthens the nails with a long-lasting and chip-resistant nail enamel. It comes with flat brush for smooth application and gives an intense colour payoff.

Flat Brush Nail Colour

The flat brush allows you to apply nail colour simply without any hassle and gives a smooth finish.

Who would mind some glitter? This nail polish is perfect to serve the purpose. It has a gel based, high-pigmented formula which makes your nails look beautiful every time.

Shiny Nail Polish

The shimmer bit in the nail polish is perfect to add a touch of glitz to your attire and give a glam look.

This nail polish is chip-resistant and non-yellowing. It is paraben-free and has a solid coloured pattern.

Solid Coloured Nail Polish

This solid coloured nail polish gives a smooth finish and texture on your nails, accentuating the style factor.

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