Make Your Bed With the Best Duvet Covers


Fall is right around the corner, which means between pumpkin spice lattes and leaf peeping, it’s time to break out your cool-weather bedding. If last year’s duvet covers are looking a bit shabby, you’re in luck. It’s no secret we’re huge sleep aficionados, and over the last few weeks, the editors and writers at Clever have been testing the best duvet covers in luxe materials like high-thread-count cottons, linens, and eucalyptus fibers that’ll keep you comfy during your nightly slumber. To take some of the guesswork out of things, we’ve written up what you need to know about these 17 duvet covers and why we’re so fond of them. The hardest part for you will be deciding on just one.

For your convenience, prices are given for queen-size duvets, but different sizes are available for purchase.

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Tester: Zoë Sessums, Digital Design Writer

My sleep preferences: I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly needy sleeper, but I do run quite hot, so that’s always a consideration. Also, I tend to look for nice colors, simple patterns, and a natural fiber in my bedding. I think a duvet cover is a particularly great option if you have pets (it’s easier to wash than an entire comforter or quilt), or if you like to mix up your bedroom look on the regular.

About the brand: As a hot sleeper, I find linen to be a great all-weather material. Brooklinen is the “home of the internet’s favorite sheets,” so it seemed like a worthy destination for quality bedding. This duvet is made from 100% European flax linen and is OEKO-TEX® certified for chemical safety.

My experience: I have a limited-edition blush pink linen duvet cover and find it to be really lovely. The pink gives my room a bright pop and the wrinkled nature of the linen makes the duvet not look too precious. I found the process of putting on and taking off the duvet to be as easy as any other, so no complaints here.

The bottom line: Brooklinen really knows how to make a quality set of bedding, and this is no exception. My only issue is that I wish the cover came with a set of pillowcases for the price.


Tester: Elaheh Nozari, Food & Home Commerce Director

My sleep preferences: I like to be burrowed under covers in a cold, cold room. No matter how hot the temperature is outside, I need the weight of a heavy blanket on me to sleep well. I prefer down comforters to non-down ones because one down comforter provides enough weight to make me feel secure, and I always use a duvet cover. I prefer ones that feel crisp and cool and have some kind of texture—linen often fits the bill.

About the brand: I’ve been coveting a Riley duvet cover for a while, as the brand routinely pops up in “best of” stories online. I’ve had a few linen duvet covers in my lifetime and this one tops the list because of the dual material: linen on top (100% Euroflax Belgian linen) and a cotton percale reverse that keeps you cool and gives the duvet cover a year-round feel. All Riley duvets have ties sewn into the corners that attach to their comforters so the insert doesn’t slide around; I don’t have a Riley insert, so I couldn’t take advantage of this feature, but it is a perk worth noting.

My experience: Putting a duvet cover on is one of my most dreaded chores. I’ve either gotten better with practice, this Riley one is easier to put on than duvets I’ve owned in the past, or some combination of the two. I slept with this duvet cover after a month using another unnamed linen duvet cover, and I much preferred the texture of this one. One of my pet peeves with duvets is when the comforter slides around inside and one quadrant of the cover is just empty space; I’m extra sensitive to this because my previous duvet did it all the time, so I was extremely happy to see that the Riley duvet stayed in place, even though I didn’t use the aforementioned ties that loop onto the Riley inserts.

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