Make-Up During Covid-19 To Look Beautiful: Tips By Shahnaz Husain


Make-up not only enhances our external features but also gives us a lot of confidence and positivity from within. For women, make-up is an art. It is a therapy that allows women to express themselves freely.

Since face masks cover a significant portion of the face features, makeup enthusiasts are learning to adapt their beauty routines.

As a result, those with more sensitive/ oily skin have been facing the skin related complications, like acne breakouts, flare-ups of eczema or rosacea, or general skin irritation.

With masks on, our basic skincare and makeup regime have also changed. Women now rely on their eyes to communicate. Colourful lashes and graphic liner can match or complement the natural eye colour – and even coordinate with facial coverings.

You can still apply light cosmetic products above the mask line, but any skin that is covered by the mask should be left free from any make-up or at least the lower face — as much as possible.

Since our skin needs a little breathing space too, therefore, try to switch to a cloth mask with cotton, bamboo, or natural silk.

Use ear loops, which won’t cause skin burns or irritation.

Make sure to wash your cloth mask regularly and sanitize it appropriately. Face coverings properly fashioned out of these materials might be an effective barrier to aerosol particle and other harmful pollutants in the environment.

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