Local high school senior starts her own fashion line


Zoe Tsoukalas started her fashion brand after years of showcasing her unique style and creating her own outfits, and now she wants to share it with others.

Tsoukalas said she would always dress herself when she was younger, often mixing different colors and patterns.

When she got older, her grandma taught her how to sew, and ever since then, she has been making her own clothes.

“My friends at school would ask me where I got my clothes and I’d tell them I made it myself,” said Tsoukalas, saying that she got support from the very start. They told me I should start selling it.”

Because of online schooling, she said she had more time to focus on developing her brand and online store, which is now up and running.

She makes each piece of clothing for every client specifically.

“I usually draw them out for them, like this, and then see if they like them, and go from there,” she said, adding “your body is a canvas and you are my art.”

To brush up on her skills, she reads design books and watches YouTube tutorials, but said she will be pursuing a degree in business and engineering rather than fashion design.

“When I go to college, I still want to keep Zolala going,” she explained. “I will have it as a side thing.”

Her clothing is best described as a burst of color with a ’90s and early-2000s twist. She said her clothes are a great way to express one’s individuality and celebrate uniqueness.

She mostly sews the clothes herself, but also goes thrifting and alters jeans, bags and shirts with eye-catching designs and vivid colors.

“I really don’t like fast fashion, it’s really bad for the environment and, even though it’s really easy to buy something, it’s really hurting the earth,” said Tsoukala, explaining how supporting her business benefits the community and inspires sustainable fashion.

Tsoukalas is getting ready to graduate in the spring and will continue her education at Texas Tech University, where she will take her dog and biggest muse, Lola, with her.

“Think for yourself, be unique, shoot for the stars,” said Tsoukalas, sending a message to everyone looking to make their dreams a reality.

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