Kylie Jenner Elevates Her Sweatsuit With Unexpected Jewelry


Whether it’s to work from home in, or to lounge from home in, the sweatsuit has become a crowd favorite in recent months. That being said, there’s ways to elevate the cozy look. Many brands have designed them in fun tie-dyes or bright colors, infusing a dash of personality to what is otherwise just standard-issue loungewear. But Kylie Jenner has just taken the idea of a high-fashion sweatsuit to new heights, thanks to an unexpected jewelry pairing.

This weekend, Jenner took to Instagram to showcase her new cream sweatsuit by Sami Miro Vintage. She paired the terry cloth sweater and pants with a knitted Bottega Veneta bra top in the same shade, as well as heeled sandals by the label. Aside from the stilettos, her jewelry that turned the look from comfy to glam. Around her waist, Jenner wore two layered body chains by Ettika that both retail for under $100 (available here and here). A nod to the ’90s and early-aughts, the bling around the waist helped dress up the athleisure. There was a ton of jewelry elsewhere in the fit as well, such as a safety pin added to the pants and more necklaces layered, too. So the next time you’re feeling a little drab in your go-to sweatsuit consider unzipping that hoodie and throwing on two chains.

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