KDR Designer Showrooms Brings Luxury Carpet Brand Stark to the Metro Area


Area residents are about to be floored by KDR Designer Showrooms’ newest partnership, with the premier rug and carpet brand Stark – set to hit the showroom Aug. 1.

“In the design industry, the Stark brand is associated with cutting-edge fashion,” says Kevin Kenney, KDR’s president and CEO. “They are a family-owned company founded in 1938 and have become a global luxury brand synonymous with the finest carpets and area rugs for high-end residential and hospitality. Stark is to carpet and rugs what brands such as Hermès and Louis Vuitton are to fashion.”

Since 1991, KDR has been delivering designers, architects and homeowners alike carefully curated home goods and was excited to expand into floor coverings.

“We’ve wanted to get into rugs for a while since we sell a lot of product that sits on rugs,” Kenney says. “Area rugs, especially high-end area rugs, can be very difficult in understanding the value and pricing, so I took considerable time over the last few years to formulate a plan and assemble a group of vendors who fit well with the KDR brand – not just from a design perspective, but from an integrity and transparency standpoint, as well.”

Kenney says KDR will have nearly 2,000 samples on display, all of which will be accompanied by Stark’s custom capabilities.

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