Jeffree Star’s merch company reported a COVID-19


Makeup mogul Jeffree Star has claimed to have part ownership of Killer Merch, a merchandising company that works with internet stars like Cody Ko and Shane Dawson, as well as traditional celebrities like Kevin Hart and Lil Dicky.  According to public records, Killer Merch is one of 167 non-residential settings in Los Angeles County — which includes workplaces, restaurants, and retail stores — with three or more laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases.

The public health department in LA County says there are 10 confirmed COVID-19 cases at Killer Merch.
Star also announced in a recent YouTube video that he believes he had the coronavirus in February along with “a bunch” of his employees. Jeffree Star’s makeup and merch empire has been hit by the novel coronavirus, public records show, with 10 employees of Killer Merch testing positive for COVID-19.

Star is a beauty YouTuber with more than 17 million subscribers and is the public face of both Jeffree Star Cosmetics, his makeup company, as well as Killer Merch, a merchandising company and branding agency that Star has promoted as his own company on YouTube.