It’s time to up the game in fashion,’ says fashion genius Gaurav Gaur


It is surreal to know about all those industries and sectors that have been constantly rising, as it proves how different professionals have worked relentlessly to take those industries to the next level. These individuals, especially youngsters, have shown how it is to be done and what it really takes to become the best in a particular industry. The easier all of this sounds, the more difficult it is in reality. However, some people have still gone ahead in creating their unique niche, even amidst much competition and have earned unique success for themselves on whatever they have chosen to lay their hands on. The fashion industry is one such place that has given birth to several such talented beings, but only a few have made a unique standing in the vast and ever-evolving space. One name that has been buzzing high lately is Gaurav Gaur, who thinks that even amidst so many new happenings, changes and developments, it is time for industry professionals to still up the game in fashion.

The world of fashion is undoubtedly evolving and seeing some of the greatest designs and developments; however, Gaurav Gaur believes that certain professionals still need to think beyond the usual and offer people something that can get them in awe of their designs, not just for what they create, but for weaving in a story behind each piece of theirs as this will help people connect profoundly with their visions.

Also, he says that merging technology with designs one creates serves as a great step forward in the fashion world. Talking about Gaurav Gaur, he owns a Bridal wear brand Fuchsia Bridal couture and has done eight seasons of India’s #1 state-level Beauty pageant, “Elite miss Rajasthan”. He also owns the “Jaipur couture show”, which is ranked 5th fashion week in India and has done nine seasons of the same.

Apart from being the ace fashion genius, this Rajasthani talent also mentors and trains girls in Miss India / Miss Diva beauty pageants. So far, Gaurav Gaur has trained 3,000 girls across Rajasthan; some of the names include Charvi Tanya Dutta (actress), Aditi Hundia (Miss Supranational India 2018), Neha Jaiswal (Miss Diva runner up 2019), Akanksha Bhalla (Actress) and others.

Gaurav Gaur has even displayed his magic with nine video songs, two feature films and a cameo in the cult comedy serial ‘Hum Paanch’. No wonder his profile is the only verified profile of the fashion world in Rajasthan.

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