iPhone 12 Pro killer upgrade reportedly axed right before launch


If one of tech’s biggest leakers is correct, the iPhone 12 Pro will lack one of the best features in Samsung’s top phones. That feature? The 120Hz refresh-rate display technology that’s also found in Apple’s iPad Pro.

This news comes to us from Jon Prosser, of Front Page Tech, who is one of the most prolific Apple leakers but also has a mixed track record. For example, he said the new Apple Watch 6 would be announced in a press release on Monday, when just the event was announced.

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On Sept. 11, Prosser tweeted “120hz (codename: d6x) didn’t make mass production 😞*now* you can give up.” Prosser’s use of emoji, and the plaintive message to “give up” is a reminder that 120Hz ProMotion refresh rates have been a feature that users have wanted, but that the rumor mill has been saying won’t happen for a while.

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