iFixit opened up Apple’s new M1 MacBooks


The new Macs are still laptops inside, and Flash is back on the internet.

Worried the death of Flash will permanently banish some of your favorite internet animations and games? The Internet Archive announced it’s added emulation to maintain backups of Flash content so it doesn’t disappear entirely just because Adobe and browser makers have shelved the technology.

The emulator is live now, so you can flip through Strong Bad’s emails and other old-internet content until you run out of nostalgia and decide to visit the Newgrounds wing a little later.

Surprise — they’re laptops.

As usual, new devices have arrived, and the folks at iFixit have pulled them apart. This time, the machines undergoing scrutiny are the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. They now feature Apple’s custom silicon inside, but as the teardown shows, their design hasn’t changed much from the Intel-powered versions we’ve seen before.

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