How will diamond jewellery be bought in the post-pandemic world?


The experience of shopping is constantly being reconstructed as the year progresses. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is bound to reshape the luxury jewellery market as showrooms closed doors and weddings put to a halt. As operations resume, global brands remain hopeful of luxury consumption by way of long-term investments and interest in meaningful gifts. Weather its the welcoming of the festive season after subdued three-quarters of the year or a renewed sense of luxury, what is the luxury consumer most looking forward to? And how will upcoming jewellery trends incorporate meaningful design? We got in touch with Federica Imperiali, global head of new product development, at the virtual ninth annual Forevermark Forum, to find out more about it.

What can you tell us about the upcoming trends in diamond jewellery?
In the jewellery sector, especially for diamond jewellery, trends are not as obsolete after every season, unlike fashion. For us, trends are more of a way to tell new stories behind the product each season, so you can still see the same pieces brought to life again with the new trend.

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