How to upgrade Mac Pro storage with Apple’s new Mac Pro SSD Kit


Apple’s new Mac Pro isn’t stuck with what you buy at initial purchase. A SSD upgrade kit from the company can quickly add one to eight terabytes of storage to your professional workstation by following these steps.

Mac Pro owners now have three options for more storage on their device — they can choose an external storage drive such that connects over USB or Thunderbolt 3, they can choose an internal option such as the Promise Pegasus R4i or OWC Accelsior 4M2, or they can upgrade the stock internal SSD thanks to newly released upgrade kits from Apple.

Use cases determine which of those solutions is best, but there are benefits to upgrading the primary drive. Many apps, scratch disks, and other components are stored on the primary drive by default and sometimes users may need access to all of the PCIe slots. Whatever the reason, upgrading the primary drive is now possible.

As Apple’s machines have become more complicated — and more secure — what used to be a near-trivial procedure is now a multi-step, labor-intensive process. It isn’t as easy as swapping out a drive sled and restoring from a backup. Rather, it now involves not just more work to swap the parts, but a second Mac to aid in the restore.