How to make an iPhone a wireless hotspot


Whether you’re traveling or experiencing a temporary internet outage, your iPhone can allow your other devices to connect to the internet. Here’s how you can set up and connect to a personal hotspot on your iPhone.

Apple makes it extremely easy to set up a personal hotspot using any cellular-enabled iOS device, such as an iPhone or an iPad with an active cellular plan. You’ll just need a few seconds and your iOS device of choice to get started.

Joining a wireless hotspot is easy, too. If you are signed into the secondary device with your Apple ID, it may detect it as a personal hotspot and prompt you to join it automatically. If you don’t own the device, or it does not automatically prompt you to join the network, you can follow the steps outlined below.

You can also connect to a personal hotspot with your Mac. Again, suppose you are signed in to your Mac with the same Apple ID as the iPhone. In that case, your Mac may prompt you to join your personal hotspot automatically should your regular internet connection not be available. If it doesn’t prompt you, or you don’t own the device, follow the steps below.

If you’d rather, you can also connect to an iPhone’s wireless network via Bluetooth. This method takes a little longer but is relatively simple and can be done following the steps below.

Of course, if you have an Lightning cable that you can use with your Mac, you can connect that way, too. This is a useful way of connecting to the internet, should you be unable to connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Keep in mind, when connected to an iPhone or an iPad with a cellular plan, you’ll either be using the data from those plans, or a lesser pool set aside for tethering. Some activities, such as watching videos or downloading large files, will deplete your data allotment from your carrier. As a general rule, even if the activity is zero-rated by the carrier on your phone, it won’t be on your tethered device.

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