How to give your AirTag to another user


You’ve set up your AirTag for your car keys, but now your partner is going out of town. Here’s how to give them your AirTag so they can make it their own.

The idea is one AirTag, one person. In practice, though, there are countless reasons why you might want to give or loan an AirTag of yours to someone else — and Apple does make it perfectly possible.

What Apple does not do is make it so that anyone can take your AirTag and call it their own. You have to positively decide to give it to them, and you have to take certain steps in the Find My app.

First you have to tell Find My that you no longer want this specific AirTag, you have to unpair it from your Apple ID. Then whoever you’re giving it to has to set up AirTag as if it were a new one.

Assuming that you are within Bluetooth range of the AirTag, then that’s it, you’re done. Hand the AirTag over to the other person and let them set it up as if they’d spent the money buying one, instead of you.

Perhaps your partner is out of town and they took your luggage by mistake. They’re sitting in a hotel room, wondering what this AirTag thing is, and when you tell them, they decide they want it for themselves.

There is absolutely nothing to stop you unpairing your AirTag, bar the tedium of waiting for that final Remove button.

However, if you unpaired while the AirTag was out of Bluetooth range, then there is a lot your partner has to do before they can pair it.

They have to reset the entire AirTag first. They can do it, Apple has enabled a way to reset the AirTag, but it’s deliberately not quick or very straightforward.

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