How to ‘bridge the gap’ until the next salon visit


As the country continues varying degrees of stay-at-home orders, many have gone months without a visit to the hair salon.

A break from visiting your go-to stylist may take some adjusting for those who are used to regular blowouts, color or haircuts. For those that have special hair treatments, such as extensions or chemical processes, things are extra complicated. What can be done to bridge the gap until they can be professionally refreshed?

While camouflage is the way to go when trying to minimize roots and gray hair — everything from moving the hair part to accessorizing with scarves and headbands — experts say there are also easy ways to protect chemically treated hair from damage in the interim.

Keratin and relaxers are similar in that they are both are used to smooth hair and loosen curls so they are easier to manage. But they differ on how they reach those goals.

For people who have keratin treatments that are growing out, the best bet is to keep using your sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners and let it be, advises Stephanie Angelone, lead stylist at RPZL in New York City, told TODAY Style.

“This is a good time to let your hair breathe and be natural for a while,” said Angelone. “Doing nothing is probably the most healthy thing to do to your hair.”

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