How Sailor Moon Became My Nostalgic Beauty Escape During the Pandemic


Ever since I can remember, the colorful characters of Sailor Moon have been my ultimate beauty inspiration. Now we’re in the midst of a terrifying and anxiety-producing pandemic—and I’ve found that revisiting some of my favorite looks from the series has become a creative, productive escape for me.

When I first encountered Sailor Moon (Usagi) as a kid, I was particularly obsessed with her hair. Super long and full of gems, it projected a mystical quality that I hoped to one day have. But it wasn’t just Usagi who had me daydreaming about hair—the entire cast of characters had a range of interesting hairstyles and, most important, high-impact hair color. Sailor Moon characters have blue, green, purple, and pink hair, which becomes only more magical after their iconic crystal-powered transformations to their Sailor Scout alter-egos. After each character’s jewel encrusted makeup compacts open, the characters transform with tiaras, jewels, and even a manicure.

The character who always stood out to me—and who inspired my personal approach to beauty more than any other—is Chibiusa. With perfectly pastel pink hair, she made me dream of having the hue in my own hair. I was overjoyed when I was 11 and my mom sprayed some temporary pink hair color on my ends for Wacky Hair Day at school. Today I’ve rotated through a range of platinum blondes, which I change to lilac, green, and baby blue, but the one color I constantly come back to is Chibiusa pink. It’s my happy place because it’s easy, flattering, and an instant mood-lifter for me.

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