High-Tech Gadgets to Help Diversify Your Decor


These design-minded devices will help you change your home’s style on the fly

Tired of staring at the same walls? Longing to give your home a new look? After so many months of quarantine, the feeling is understandable-and smart home gadgets are here to help.

Variety is the spice of life, and these design-minded-and Wi-Fi-connected-devices will let you refresh your abode’s appearance with ease.

You’ve never seen a digital picture frame quite like the Meural Canvas II. Sleek, stylish and available in a variety of real wood frames, the Canvas would look just as at-home in a museum as on your walls-but it’s the Canvas’s smarts that separate it from all other offerings. Powered by premium Wi-Fi router maker NetGear, the Canvas is capable of displaying your photos in their full HD glory (16×24-inch and 19×29-inch frames are available) with an anti-glare matte display and ambient light sensors ensuring that you can appreciate every pixel and that every color reaches its full potential.

For an additional annual fee of $69, Canvas owners get access to more than 30,000 works of art from iconic and emerging artists, allowing them to populate their picture frame with the entirety of art history, including current creators.

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